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My show was annominated for (6) awards! I walked away with (1)......I am okay with that! Let's talk about it! 

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"I DON'T HAVE THE ANSWERS, But I Do Have Some Questions"


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This is my first book...and it is HOT. It is generated from deep explosive questions and hundreds of responses from people all over the world! Then I sum it up with some KINGISM!

Right vs. Happy

 How many times have you heard the question, "would you rather be right, or happy?"  It's always made me a little nuts; because quite frankly, most times I say, "right, please." I've recently started to have a change of heart in this matter and hope you will oblige me in exploring the idea of choosing happiness.

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"Let's Talk About It!"

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 Rachel Labus

· November 28, 2016

This show is real!! Chocked full of controversial topics that make you think on another level...tune in

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